Saturday, June 9, 2007


James is a popular new "modern American" restaurant in Bella Vista. All the good press it has been getting lately drew us to try for ourselves. It turns out that James is as cool as its website (, and fact that the etched glass on the front door matches the wallpaper on the website shows that they have it all together!

The atmosphere in the lounge area caused us to make a mental note: come back here sometime, just to sit and enjoy some drinks.

The specialty cocktails were remeniscent of Milk and Honey, with fresh ingredients and unique flavor combinations. We started our meal with the "Hendricks & Honeydew" and "Rum & Rhubarb," which were absolutely delicious and unique. However, they didn't blend at all with our first courses, which arrived in a hurry.

The risi e bisi (a delicious soupy risotto filled with fresh mint and peas) is topped with a pancetta sorbet that is wonderfully suprising! Its a definite must have, whether for an appetizer or entree. We both had fish entrees: the fish was perfectly simple, especially the wild pink snapper, with delicious accompaniments. Though the portions were not large, we left feeling full.

Finally, save a half a glass of wine for dessert. The greatest items on the dessert menu are the homemade gelati, which come by the tiny two dollar scoop. The creamy goat cheese sorbet was a perfect complement to our last sips of sauvignon blanc. Yum!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coming soon....

I've Got Food In My Teeth! We are always eating and drinking in Philadelphia. We spend every free moment exploring the city's bars and restaraunts. And now we are going to tell you what we think about them. This is not just any restaraunt review column. We will not dissect every single item on the menu. Instead we will discuss restaraunts the way you do when you sit down with your friends: a little about the food, a little about the drinks, a little about the service, and maybe the ambience. We're not professional critics, WE'RE PROFESSIONAL EATERS AND DRINKERS! Stay tuned...